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Awareness Through the Body

Attention, Concentration and Relaxation program

ATB Workshops

 This short introduction film will give you a glimpse of the ATB workhops.

Introductory ATB Practices

In this 3-module video course, you will be introduced to some of the foundational principles and practices of ATB, by Auroville-based facilitators Suryamayi and Francesco, while exploring the basic ATB themes of Attention, Planes of the being and Breath.

The course can be accessed via this link.

Children speak about ATB

“It makes the physical body much more real and you discover things about yourself.”


“It made me more aware of everything around, and it made me much more open. When I get nervous now, or angry, I always return to my breath to cool down.”

“You can use it subconsciously, for balance and coordination.”