ATB Practitioners Categories

The training modules are attended by a wide variety of participants: people that participate for personal growth, teachers and professionals working with children and therapists of different fields. The modules offer a body felt experience and enough material, so that participants feel confident to introduce ATB in their life and work.
If you are interested becoming an ATB Facilitator – Trainer, you can find the information about the trajectory here. As ATB is an inner process, keep in mind that the journey may take several years.

Becoming an ATB trainer

ATB Student

People that regularly practice ATB and attend ATB classes, ATB workshops, and the official ATB modules.

ATB students that regularly practice ATB can introduce ATB exercises and way of working into their own practice, citing ATB as the source of the exercises.

ATB Facilitator in Training

After completing one time both, the official basic and advanced modules, an ATB practitioner can opt to become a facilitator in training. To that end you need to take up the necessary requirements and practices to enhance your personal experience and practice, while continuing to attend ATB workshops, and do at least one more time all the official modules.

An ATB Facilitator in Training can offer ATB classes to children and/or ATB explorations and classes to adults, specifying that they are a trainee/a facilitator in training. These classes and explorations are part of their training.

ATB Certified Facilitator

After successfully completing the specified requirements you are an ATB facilitator. You need to keep gaining experience by working with groups, coached by a trainer.

As an ATB certified facilitator you are qualified to lead ATB explorations and implement ATB school programs. You can officially call your work ATB and use the ATB logo. You are not yet qualified to lead the ATB official modules. For that you would need to become an ATB Trainer.

ATB Trainer

An ATB Certified Facilitator after gaining experience facilitating ATB classes, ATB explorations and/or school programs can opt to become an ATB Trainer. This will be taken up individually, and the process will be adjusted to each person in coordination with Aloka and Joan.

ATB Trainers can lead the ATB official training modules that they are qualified for and give participation certificates.

becoming a certified Facilitator

becoming acertified ATB trainer

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