ATB practitioners Categories

ATB Student: someone who attends ATB workshops and practices ATB. An ATB student can introduce the ATB exercises and way of working into his/her own practice.

ATB Facilitator in Training: an ATB student who, after completing the basic and advanced ATB modules, takes up all the necessary requirements and practice to certify as an ATB facilitator, while continuing to attend ATB workshops. An ATB Facilitator in Training needs to lead ATB explorations as part of his/her training, specifying to participants that he/she is a trainee.

ATB Certified Facilitator: an ATB Facilitator in Training who has satisfactorily completed all the specified requirements. An ATB Certified Facilitator is qualified to lead ATB explorations and implement ATB programs. 

ATB Trainer: an ATB Certified Facilitator who, after gaining experience facilitating ATB explorations and programs, is considered ready, by Aloka and Joan, to become an ATB Trainer. An ATB Trainer can impart the official ATB modules that he/she is qualified for.