ATB modules

ATB modules


The ATB workshops are meant for teachers, therapists and people interested in personal growth and/or interested in a practice of integral yoga. During the workshops, introspection is balanced with dynamic and fun activities to facilitate the process toward deeper self-awareness and more fulfilling ways of self regulation.

With the workshops we want to offer:


A safe space where to explore awareness of being aware, a space away from life where all doing can stop and one can simply be and reconnect to a deeper and truer sense of Self.


The possibility to enter in contact with the basis and methodology of Awareness Through the Body.


A sample of the different types of exercises/activities we do, so that participants can experience them in their body, integrate them, and thus be able into bring them to their work and life.


ATB–1, Basic Tools, ATB–2 and ATB–3. These modules are interrelated and complement each other. They offer a broad base with which one can start implementing Awareness Through the Body. With these modules one has the basis of ATB. To go deeper into the work, and integrate ATB fully it is necessary to continue with the Advanced modules.

These workshops are offered in two ways: one module at a time, in a 2 or 3 days workshop or all the modules together in a 9 day intensive workshop.

They can only be facilitated by a certified trainer.



ATB 4 and ATB 5. The new themes presented here require a more profound capacity for introspection. These modules build on the experience acquired in the Basic modules and bring a deeper contact with oneself and the world around. They help to further integrate ATB and broaden its experience.

These modules are most often offered together in an 8 day intensive workshop as a retreat.

They can only be facilitated buy a certified trainer.

Exploratory modules

The duration of these workshops can vary from a few hours to a few days. They are intended as an exploration of specific ATB themes or as an ATB practice. Exploratory modules will not be described here as they are not part of the general training.

Exploratory workshops can be facilitated either by a certified facilitator or a certified trainer.

Children speak about ATB

“It makes the physical body much more real and you discover things about yourself.”


“It made me more aware of everything around, and it made me much more open. When I get nervous now, or angry, I always return to my breath to cool down.”

“You can use it subconsciously, for balance and coordination.”