Four days workshop

In ATB 5 the main objective is to facilitate a more intimate contact with oneself, with the deepest centre of the being, thus offering space for a further harmonisation and alignment of the being.


In addition to keep exploring basic themes of ATB and continue exploring the physical structure in all its dimensions as done in ATB 4 we will put special emphasis in the exploration of two themes: Evolution and the five Elements.



 Evolution we will explore as Evolution of consciousness.

We will re-discover the evolution movements present in our body, feeling the energy and emotions each evolutionary stage involves and observing the evolution of mind in each one of these phases.


Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. The participants will explore the presence of these Elements in their being and the world around them.

Becoming more aware of the interaction between the Elements and the being helps to induce a deeper harmonisation in the being.


Children speak about ATB

“It makes the physical body much more real and you discover things about yourself.”


“It made me more aware of everything around, and it made me much more open. When I get nervous now, or angry, I always return to my breath to cool down.”

“You can use it subconsciously, for balance and coordination.”