Four days workshop

The new themes explored during these four days require deeper introspection and bring a deeper contact with oneself and with the world around. This module helps to integrate ATB further into oneself.

In addition to further develop the capacity for attention and concentration, we are going to give emphasis to the exploration of the body under all its dimensions: bones, articulations, muscles, tissues, organs, breathing, sensations and energy (the subtle part of the physical body) thus fostering integration in the being.


We will also explore in depth Relaxation and further expand Form awareness.

There will be an introduction to the musical structure analysis, to develop conscious listening and to facilitate the use of music in ATB.

Children speak about ATB

“It makes the physical body much more real and you discover things about yourself.”


“It made me more aware of everything around, and it made me much more open. When I get nervous now, or angry, I always return to my breath to cool down.”

“You can use it subconsciously, for balance and coordination.”